As your SEO rankings improve and more traffic flows to your online store free of charge, you're actively attracting customers on the cheap! You can generate more profits and do have more marketing dollars to make use of for your other customer acquisition efforts such as for example pay-per-click, shopping comparison engines, direct marketing, etc.

It's important for you really to get intent on your SEO agency. Currently, most customers begin their shopping experiences at search engines. The major search engines are Google (the 800-lb gorilla), Yahoo, MSN and AOL. Based on recent reports, approximately 60-70% of search traffic experiences Google with Yahoo next at around 20% and MSN and AOL around 8-10% each.

Although there is a shift in shopping behavior as Social Networking (e.g. Facebook, MySpace) and Social Shopping (e.g. ThisNext) have begun to be more of a kick off point for a customer's shopping session, these still pale when compared with the amount of internet search engine traffic.

A recent study from Jupiter Media stated that 5 out of 6 commercial online purchases came from organic searches versus paid online ads.

Getting Slightly Technical about SEO:
Search engine optimization aims to achieve the target to getting high rankings from search engines through organic searches. Search engines evaluate websites by using what they call "spiders." These programs scan the web sites and collects information about them. They then collate the info and pass it to the search engine.

Through the years, search engines began using more complex algorithms which took under consideration other factors such as the text that is contained within page titles, the domain name, file and folder names, keyword proximity and other such factors. Although the internet search engine algorithms are trade secrets unknown to any outside company, Shopify SEO experts know many on-site factors (internal links, page content, recent content) and off-site factors (quality inbound links, anchor tags) are becoming increasingly crucial that you a research engine's quality score for your online store.


Today, newly developed websites don't even need to submit to the search engines to be noticed. Spiders today can handle searching for websites even through links that are in the website. The use of a site map or well-placed links will help the spiders to navigate the web store.