We'd all like to cover only a little less tax to the tax authorities and with careful planning you can certainly do just that whilst staying, obviously, completely within regulations and abiding by the tax regulations. These ways of saving tax reference the tax jurisdiction of the United Kingdom so may possibly not be relevant if you reside elsewhere in the world.

One of many easiest ways of saving tax is to produce full utilization of your available allowances.

When you yourself have a spouse (or civil partner) who doesn't have income then transferring savings and investments that are still paid interest after the deduction of tax will save you the tax on that interest.Accountants Forest Row Even if you only have a small amount of savings the tax saved can mount up quickly. Obviously, you'd desire to trust your other half completely before embarking with this strategy particularly if you have considerable investments.

From 6th April 2015 new rules come into force which will mean a spouse can transfer 10% of these personal allowance to the other partner, provided you are not really a higher rate tax-payer. local Forest Row Accountants This may only be beneficial if one partner had an income that didn't allow full utilization of their particular personal allowance but the other did.

For high earners with incomes over £100,000 each year their personal allowance is reduced gradually for every single £1 over that limit until the point whereby there is no personal allowance for anyone earning over £120,000 each year (in the 2014/15 tax year). There are numerous ways for such high earners to retain their personal tax-free allowance of £10,000 per year. Accountants in Forest Row One is to transfer any savings and investments that produce an income for their spouse or civil partner to bring their annual income back below £100,000. Another is to produce contributions within their own pension, again of an amount which will reduce their yearly earnings below the threshold.

Age-related Personal Allowances

Currently anyone born before 6th April 1948 is entitled to an increased personal tax-free allowance and those born before 6th April 1938 to an increased allowance still. Forest Row Accountants However, these allowances are gradually being phased out by keeping the total amount at the same level before non-age-related allowance are at the same level.

While this allowance remains available the same strategies to keep the total allowance apply are you aware that standard personal allowance.

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