Horses can do several things, but would they pose? Pasadena, California, is your home of the sole lady in the world, an equestrian photographer, who can cause them to pose, and her portraits are featured in celebrity homes. Who'd have guessed that the girl who borrowed her first camera from Pasadena City College (PCC) would later earn fame for trackside photos, like the Montreal Olympics and British Princess Anne.

It was just practical that she should practice photography on horses for her PCC photography classes, which she took after graduating from Pasadena High School. Custom Royal Pet Portrait The Eaton Canyon Riding Stables were such as a second home to her since she was 10 years old. She did her homework every weekend at the stables with her borrowed camera. Once she sold her first horse photo, she threw in the towel music, art, and journalism.

First, she became an assistant under two famous photographers at a horse show in Santa Barbara, after which it she traveled the nation together, helping them pose horses in tracks, shows, and state fairs. Second, she installed with another photographer pair, who stayed the California circuit. Now with business assistance from her mother, she's clicking on her very own with a Swedish camera equipped with German lens.

Six-foot jumps and winning a race by the nose are her trademark shots. But her formal photos, of horses bent down on all fours, are also a way to obtain pride. Additionally, there are horses who love being facing the camera. With one consider the camera, some horses perk their ears or raise their heads. You will find other horses that won't move a muscle to help you.

Even good photographers put only a little effort into their photos. Mid-air with legs bent at the right angle is the greatest bet for hunters and jumpers. The best pose for Tennessee walkers, on the other hand, is by using their front hoofs doing his thing and an over reaching hoof making use of their hind legs. The best pose for a share horse is stopping in a slide, and the best pose for a saddle horse is by using his legs and head held high. A photograph of the Peruvian Paso, an endangered South American species that aficionados are struggling to truly save, is certainly one of her best known works. With their forelegs rolling toward the outside, it is the greatest time to capture a picture. With their riders in traditional white ponchos and their elaborate bridles and saddles, the Paso is just a photographer's pet.

Photography is the key to meeting celebrity horse enthusiasts. She has even made it to royal circles. Her coverage of Princess Anne at the Montreal Olympics brought her side-by-side with the Queen, herself. She started a discussion, and the Queen revealed that she felt nervous every time her daughter would have a high jump. Though she also swims, back packs, bicycles, pans for gold and sometimes even rides a horse, she felt a need to intersperse her horse photography with photos of fork lifts.