The natural comfort of knitwear and clothing made from natural fibres is often forgotten. In the past natural fibre products could only be found in exclusive designer shops leaving the synthetic and cheap cottons to the multiples. Cotton is intensively farmed using excessive fertilizers and pesticides while the other less well known natural fibres are more sustainable and environmentally friendly.

There are some web sites now that offer natural fibre clothing and household textiles at more affordable prices. We can still look forward to the natural warmth of wool on the onset of autumn and for those with allergies linen, alpaca and cashmere provide the all embracing comfort of pure natural fibres.

Cashmere is the king of woollens and is now often hard to distinguish from the finest of sheep wool being merino wool. Merino is now often mixed with cashmere as its properties are so similar and some cashmere is not pure, especially in the cheaper multiples.

Cashmere is the finest of fibres being from the cashmere goat living in the extreme cold of Mongolia. It has developed a very fine fleece which is spun to fine counts and knitted into beautiful clothing. Sustainable knitwear Scottish cashmere sweaters are renowned for quality in an industry that developed long ago. Alpaca is sheer luxury it is a relative of the llama and its fleece is a hollow fibre giving it excellent insulating properties needed to survive in the extreme temperatures of the Andes. With wide temperature variations between day and night it has developed this special insulating fibre which is a dream to wear, it is cool in summer and warm in winter.

Merino too is wonderful as the finest of all wools and similar to cashmere. Merino wool sweaters are excellent value for money giving cashmere like quality at lower prices.

Finally we can not forget linen, linen is ideal for the warm winter break and a delight to wear next to the skin as one actually can feel naked as it is so light. Linen is crisp and cool with super absorbent qualities. It also has an anti-allergenic properties. Irish linen shirts and blouses exude style and comfort coming and are now available in beautiful vibrant colours as well as the traditional natural and white. Linen bed sheets are more affordable when purchased on line, they are cool and crisp essential in Summer for a comfortable nights sleep.