So, you intend to know making money online for free!

The big question is, needless to say, could it be done?

Well, yes, it can. It can be done with no training and no cost for website registration or hosting, no advertising or online campaigns that lead to expense. In reality, no cost whatsoever. But it's not too easy. In the event that you hit lucky in selecting your niche, your product and together with your marketing you simply may do it, however, not without working at it!

Lets have a short look at what you'd need certainly to do.

Presumably you've some way to access the internet. Obviously if you intend to know for free this is a reasonable assumption to make. So, where you should start.

The very first thing you need to know is who you're going to market to and what you're going to market them. Observe that it's not what you're going to market and who you're going to market to. First you've to recognize a demand. Go online and use the search engines to track down forums or groups coping with topics by which you're interested. It's much easier to begin by coping with something you're thinking about and have a diploma of knowledge about. Have a look around in the "niche" you've chosen and establish what problems arise most often. Remember that very few people actually donate to forums or groups so if a problem or question crops up a few times there's likely to be a significant high demand for the solution. The sort of problem you're searching for is one that may be satisfied by providing information - a digitally downloadable info-product. But when you're looking at make money online for free so how exactly does this help?

Well, it identifies a market place of course. What's more a marketplace where in fact the potential clients are warm. They're buying a solution. If you're the one that provides it - you're in business!

Then comes the product. You don't have one, but there are a few options ready to accept you.

You can create your own from scratch but that does take time, and possibly skills you don't have. You're not going to discover making money online for free very quickly in the event that you choose this option.

You can create your own product by "swiping" the job of others. Now, if this is actually the option you select you have to be ethical about it. Everything you do is go to the internet article directories and find articles offering an answer to, help with or comment on the issue you've identified. Afterward you put together a number of these articles in a e-book and you've your product. how to start a blog Most, if not totally all, this article directories enable you to use material this way but additionally they require that you obtain permission of the publisher, you don't make any changes to the article(s), you leave in the publisher's bio and links and usually that you include a link back again to the original article. If you should be to not tarnish your "professional reputation" when you even learn to earn money online for free it is essential that you do things ethically and comply with your requirements.

A next alternative, and possibly the best, is to find a ready made product and sell it for commission. This is known as either joint venturing or affiliate marketing. It is the quickest way to truly get your business started. There are many websites that match product creators (or merchants) with marketers (or affiliates) and charge a small fee out of the sale price of each product for the service. Additionally they track sales and cope with payment by collecting the funds from the customer and dividing it, paying you your commission and the merchant the balance. Commission rates can be very high; 50% or even 75%! You can see that this is often a great way making money online for free.

How are you going to market the product?

You'll need a website but doesn't that result in cost?

No, not necessarily. There are many blogging software and publishing resources that cost absolutely nothing. Have a look around the web, pick one that you think you'll be comfortable with and get signed up. Then you will need to execute a little work.

Your blog doesn't need to be an all singing, all dancing, graphically impressive work of art. What it has to is content (that's text - words even) highly relevant to the niche and product you've chosen. A couple of posts of 400 to 500 words each such as a welcome and introductory resume, a few posts discussing the issue you've identified and then analysis the item is an excellent start. And once you review the item you include, in or at the end of the post, your affiliate link for your web visitors to click through and buy!

So you have all the tools you need but there's one further stage before you can really believe you realize making money online for free. You've got to inform your customers.

Where better to start that with the groups or forums where you identified the demand in the first place. You will need to read the rules of each group or forum before carrying this out but in many in the event that you leave a remark you're allowed to leave a "signature" that features a link to your website or blog (not straight to the merchant's product sales page using your affiliate link, hence the need for the blog above). Don't go charging straight in trying to sell your product. You'll fail. First build a rapport or relationship with the group or forum members. Make comments sympathising with the problem. Over a few days make three to four comments, perhaps massaging the difficulty the issue creates, developing the need for a solution. Then, eventually, mention that you've encounter the product that just might fit the bill - providing a link to your blog, where you give the item a great review and the hyperlink to the merchant's sales page during your affiliate link.

And that's it. You now know making money online for free. Yes, you're going to possess to just work at it and, yes, you're likely to get that you need "knowledge" that you don't have, but in essence now you can do it!